The Numerological Alphabet



What is a number?

- A quantitative measurement


How can one display a number?

- A subjective interpretation

What are the different ways we can display Numbers?  Symbols... Dots, Lines, Stars, Polygons

I decided to go with the Polygons due to their symmetry.

Now I connected each corner with each other corner. This way creating connections between each and every point. Those images are known in mathematics as Poinsot Diagrams. (link)

The next step is to fill it with a black and white pattern. This way increasing the visual impact. 

So far we only looked at the patterning that is happening within the polygon. Now if we take every line and take it to the infinite a whole new imagery outside of the polygon emerges. 

When filled with a black and white pattern I only fill shapes that are finite (3 or more surrounding lines defining it). This way a distinctive finite pattern remains.

The first number that, using this method, creates shapes outside its own polygon is #5