The Harmonic Alphabet

A visual interpretation of Whole Number Ratios using the flower of life

Wellenbild 1.JPG

A vibrating string can be displayed as seen above.

Each vibrating string can be seen as a standing wave. 

Wellenbild 2.JPG

There exist higher frequencies for the same vibrating string. Half, Third, Quarter ... of the wave-length of the original string. Those can be experienced as overtones on a Guitar.

Wellenbild 3.JPG

Finally one can create 2 vibrations at the same time. Overlaying both patterns.

The relationship between two vibrations is what we experience as harmonics in music.

Wellenbild 4.JPG

When playing with the flower of life pattern I came to realize that a single petal shape has a high resemblance to a vibrating string. 

Wellenbild 5.JPG

Additionally each vibrational line has parallel companions.

Wellenbild 6.JPG

So one can apply the same principle of layering 2 patterns over each other in order to create a harmonic interference.

Finally I decided to fill in the lines with a black and white pattern in order to highlight the differences.

Please keep in mind that for each Black and White image there exists a negative White and Black image as well.


2 : 1   The Octave

3 : 2   The Fifth

4 : 3   The Fourth

Finally one has to create an overview over the whole range of possible Ratios.

Number Overview.JPG

Here is what the overview looks like utilizing the flower of life interference