The different Choices

Each GeoCube can be ordered with different specifications, concerning the strength of the magnets, the orientation of the magnets and finally the Printed Design Patterns of the GeoCubes. Tailoring them to the interests of the individual. 


Normal vs. Strong magnetism

The normal magnetism is what I consider the ideal medium between ease of transformations and structural integrity.

The strong magnetism is used within all the master-sets. Each magnet is almost three times as strong as the ones used in the normal GeoCubes. This choice is recommended for those that are more interested in the sculptures themselves rather than the transformations.

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Simple vs. Complex magnetism

The GeoCube can be divided into 2 different Groups according to the distribution of magnets within the Cube.

Simple Magnetism is my recommendations for people who are interested in a playful approach to the GeoCubes. All shapes share a common magnetism and same sides will always fit together. 

Complex Magnetism allows for the maximum number of interconnected Shapes among the GeoCube. More combinations are possible, but as a tradeoff it can be confusing to the untrained as to how to put them together. Tower Shapes (Chains) for example are only possible with GeoCubes featuring the complex magnetism.


The different Designs

Finally each Cube can be ordered with a specific Design. Here an overview of the available Choices:

World Cube.JPG

The World Cube

The Cube can be transformed into a Globe. The map projection featuring a NASA image of planet Earth was provided by Carlos Furuti.

4 Surfer Crystal.jpg

The Surfer Cube

My first design for the GeoCube. Featuring a Surfer as well as Fractal pattern by ,,,,

4 Nautilus Spikes 2.jpg

The Nautilus Cube

The Nautilus was the second design used. The Outside features a Nautilus Shell and the inside a ocean wave.


Primary Cube

The most simple approach of colouring the different faces.

The outside of the Cube is Red, the inside is Blue and the transitional faces are Yellow

Black and White.jpg

Black & White Cube

The outside features a highly detailed black and white "box-pattern" whereas the inside displays a "line-pattern"

White CUbe.jpg

White Cube

The GeoCube does not need to feature any design at all. Plain white. The hinges can be ordered in either black or white.

I have created many more design over the years, some