What is a GeoCube?

The GeoCube is a magnetic geometric puzzle. Each GeoCube consists of 12 magnetized Pyramids that are connected through hinges. The hinging allows the GeoCube to be transformed between different Shapes. The magnets allow it to lock into those shapes. Furthermore, the magnetism enables the GeoCubes to interact with one another to build Geometric Shapes of higher complexity.

GeoCube Dimensions.JPG


Each Cube has 12 Pyramids, 12 Hinges and 48 Magnets.

The construction grid of each element (image to the left) is very

simple and shows in a beautiful way the square-root progression

One, Squareroot of 2 and Squareroot of 3


Due to the integrated Hinges the GeoCube can be transformed between more than 70 different Shapes. Some rigid, some flexible. 

Its takes quite some practice in order to understand the possibilities and necessary transformations of this unique puzzle.

Primary Choices.jpg

A Full Set of 4

The true Magic begins when 4 GeoCubes are brought together. The Magnetism allows the individual shapes to be pulled together and create structures of higher complexity and beauty.


Why is it special?

During my whole journey and exploration of Geometry, I have not found a more magical tool to discover the hidden dimension of Structure and Space than the GeoBender Cubes. It fuses characteristics of some of the most intriguing toys.

The stackability of Lego, the magnetic properties of Magnatiles and the complex challenge of a Rubics Cube. As well as the artistic versatility of Tangram.

Combining simplicity and complexity and Combining individuality and collectivism

And most important in my opinion is the experience of geometric Values and Proportions through a tactile experience. 

Other appearances of the Cube

Cutting a cube along its diagonals and this way creating a 12 piece puzzle has been done by likeminded spirits for a long time. The Cube is one of (if not the most) primal Shape there is.

According to my research, the dissection and hinging of the Cube in a way that is used for the GeoBender Cubes has been around for at least half a century. 

Playing and reproducing for personal use is one thing. To bring it to a production level is another. Two cases of where people have done that I would like to mention here:

Cubus X

The CubusX is a Cube transformation that uses no magnets. It has been around for a long time and unfortunately is not produced anymore. But it can still be found on different shops on the internet. At a pricepoint of around 30$ I can highly recommend this product! Great handmade craftsmanship and functionality.


Yoshimoto Cube #2

The Yoshimoto Cube #2 is a Cube transformation that uses magnets in a similar way the GeoBender Cubes do. After I had developed my first prototypes a friend sent me a link to this transformation and I was surprised that someone had already taken the step of including magnets more than 40 years ago! Being an aboslute fan of Geometric toys I was puzzled that I had not come across this one earlier. Probably due to the fact that it stands in the shadow of its more popular sibling, the Yoshimoto Cube #1