About the Artist

Born in Munich, Bavaria, I now find myself for 10 years in the process of Californication in this strange city of Los Angeles.

With the help of my wife and two children, I am working on finding my place in this world.

I have always been fascinated with numbers and their inherent qualities. Numbers in space unfold as geometry. Numbers in time specify Frequency and Vibration which we experience as Music and Colours. Whereas the next step - numbers in space and time becomes the founding stone of astronomy. The grand stage we live our lives.

Along my travels around the world I have found three pillars that give peace to my mind.

First and foremost, Firedancing. An art form that allows one to experience fire and movement at the same time. Fire being one of the primal forces in human fears, becomes a partner and friend. A friend that can give but also burn you, depending on practice and dedication.

The second foundation for me is beach art. Drawing patterns and mandalas on the beach at low tide and seeing them being swept away, is true magic to me. Having the great Pacific as a partner in crime which prepares my canvas every two weeks, is one of the treats of living on the westside. Every Full and New Moon, I head for the beach and everyone is welcome to join. Write me an e-mail, and I will let you know about our next get together.

The third and most recent pillar for my life, came in the form of a cube. Playing with different variations of the cube dissection of Hartmut Endlich I came across the possibility of assembling complex structures with the help of magnets. For the last four years I have worked on improvements, patenting my concept (an LA thing) and construction of multiple cubes. 4 Cubes build a unit. 16 go the next step and become a happy family....

If you find yourself at the end of Route 66 drop me a line or meet me on the beach. I am always happy to meet new people, learn and share what life has shared with me

Have a great day

Andreas Hoenigschmid