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Geometric Art

It has been a hobby of mine to create ways to dispaly abstract mathematical concepts like numbers or ratios in a visually appealing way. The Numerological- and Harmonic Alphabet are the outcome of this endeavor.


The Numerological Alphabet

Visualizing the Numbers from 0 to 19

Using Polygons to display numbers. 

Each Graphic consists of only straight lines.

The Harmonic Alphabet

Visualizing the Ratio between Numbers

Using the Flower of life pattern to display Two Numbers and their relationships.

Each Graphic consists of only Circles.

Flower of Life 3:2

Beach Art

I fell in love with Sand as a medium and my passion turned into a mix between fancy sandcastles and crop circle design. While travelling in California in 2004, I had the honor of meeting Andres Amador, who was kind enough to take me along to Ocean Beach in San Francisco and introduce me to this outstanding artform. Beach Art connects you with the power of the ocean as well as the timing of the tides and the Moon. Primordial cycles of life

Since the beginning of recorded history, mandalas have played an important role in religious and mystical practices around the world. Sacred geometry is a representation of the patterns that can be found everywhere within us and in the world we live in. I feel it's important that we as humans recognize the larger patterns that make up our reality. 

I love artistry, and I especially enjoy beach art because it is the closest manifestation of numbers, timing and space that I have found. As a sand artist performing every new and full moon, I have discovered the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the moon and tides. I grew up in Munich close to the Bavarian Alps. The mountains always felt like my sacred space. After moving to Los Angeles I found my new sanctuary at the beach.